Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you Breathing Life into your new possibility?

My recent post on Raeven Western's "PushyDreamers". 
Please note that I don’t mince my words, its not about being nice, but its about impact.  It’s about “pushing” beyond your fears.  If you are truly a believer in “Pushy Dreamers”, my style of writing is right up your ally because I am pushing you to take responsibility for who you are being – so read on…..

Some of us are at that point in our lives where we are questioning the jobs and careers that we are currently in.  Some of us are dreading waking up on Mondays to go to work (for a whoooole week); some of us are pissed that we aren’t making enough money; and some of us are just bored out of our minds at our current job, feeling as though our strengths are not being utilized to its full potential.
I challenge you to consider a few things:
1st – YOU created the current situation that you are living.  YOU actually created the possibility of being at the very job that you are at!
Let me refresh your memory….Remember, a few weeks ago, a few months ago, or even a few years ago, you were feeling like the job you were in was not the right match for you? You were miserable, unhappy, and unfocused. You even brought your family and friends into it by sharing with them how unhappy you were.  Do you remember?
During many of those conversations you swore to all that you were committed to getting another job that you felt would be a better fit – as soon as possible.  Well guess what, that’s the very job you are in now! Yup…mmm hmm…that’s the job YOU created. So why the pissed off face? Why the hateful words? Why the rudeness to your co-workers?
Oh I certainly understand why, because you want a change.  And this is fine. But you must first give thanks for what you created (your current job), and only thanks.  Then you can create a new possibility around the type of job you want next.  I mean you already see how powerful you are with creating what you want.  This time you can get even more specific.  Get fun with it.  Think it.  Speak it. And act as though it already exists. Take on the characteristics of a person that would be in that position right now. Give thanks for the new position (because you already have simply by speaking it and following it with actions).  However, note that the easiest way to kill your new possibility, is to avoid giving thanks to your previous one.
So are you breathing life into your new possibility, or sucking life out of it?
I’m here for you if you ever want to explore further.
In love,
Akua aka “The Activator”
My purpose is to Activate YOU to operate at your fullest potential, void of all fears, stories and excuses. I am the founder of the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project.