Monday, October 22, 2012

Self-Love Challenge - day 2 (Oct 2012)


Today marks Day #2 of the In Pursuit of Self-Love: A 30-Day Challenge that I offer through my company Let's Pursue You.

While this is my 6th Challenge, I always experience something new during the process. Self-Love really is a journey. There are hills, peaks, valleys, sunsets, storms, all of it.  And truth be told, we will always be met by the circumstances of life - every single day. Moment to moment. There will always be something to do.

The question is, in the moments when life comes at you, do you react to what's right in front of your face and choose the priorities of others or do you choose yourself? Do you choose your needs? Now I am not saying to not react to an emergency, but you and I both know what a real emergency is and sometimes the emergency of someone else's is NOT OUR EMERGENCY. Yet, we acquiesce a lot of times to appease the needs of someone else. Why do YOU do that?

I am not saying to be "selfish", which is quite different from being one who embodies self-love because being selfish is completely disregarding the needs and concerns of others. However, when you are embodying self-love, you are honoring what your vessel needs to operate fully on this planet.

Have you been honoring yourself lately? What 1 action could you take right now to shift that?

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:) Akua