Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius - Unraveling her Story around being British in the U.S.

We have received soooo much support and positive feedback around our Unraveling Stories Video Viral Campaign...check out Marsha "the Songstress" sharing her story and supporting the Gye Nyame Empowerment Project's Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit!

So thankful. So blessed. So humbled.

I am clear of my purpose: Creating a movement around Unraveling Stories...

Self-Love Day #8: Honoring the Music Within & Reflecting on Day #6 which was done on Day #7 (lol)

Happy Self-Love Day #8!

Wowwww what a night – so I took myself out to dinner yesterday because I didn’t on Sunday….and I had to do a wholeeeee lot of self-talk as to why it was OK for me to take myself out to dinner at 10pm at night when I had madddd things to do for the Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit we are putting on – on Saturday. A whole lot of talking. The meal was aaaaamazing (orange dusted shrimp, sweet mashed plantains, and a fresh salsa salad with avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, oranges and more)!  It was heaven!  It ended up being really beautiful, and it also became very clear to me when I tend to NOT choose myself.  

I don’t choose myself when I feel like so many others are depending on me. 

So today, I will take time to reflect on this because I know this is just a story I am making up.  People are not necessarily depending on me at 10pm at night to do something for them, they are simply counting on me to keep my word. So, I just need to commit to things that are realistic. If I scheduled to take myself out to dinner, regardless of the circumstances that may occur, I must remain committed to my original intent - at all times - always.  We are not committed to ourselves if we are only committed some of the time.  Its all or nothing. There is no grey.

Thank you all for being in this challenge with me - it makes it that much easier for me to commit to myself!

Today I pulled out of my jar: "I am pleasant to be around"......okkkk let's take on the world today! 

Move powerfully today and get your dance ONNNNNNNNNN!!!! I am going to rock out on my train ride to work…I am thinking PINK will be the album of choice – powerful woman and she gets me hyped! And of course...gotta put on India Arie....

How are YOU going to honor the music within?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Self-Love Challenge: Day 2

Happy Self-Love Day #2!

This morning I reached into my jar and pulled out "I love my ability to show people/let ppl know that they matter".   So, this is who I am going to be more of today.....this woman.

Did you pull something out of your jar? Who are you going to be today?

The other thing we are charged with doing is looking at ourselves in the mirror and stating the 5 things we love about ourselves.  I did this and it was soooo empowering! I actually felt how powerful I was by simply stating the things that I love about myself. I was also able to see how those very things I love about myself, are beyond me because they allow me to inspire other people. 

I am in Love with me for the first time!

Me Unraveling my Story around "Sharing Feelings"

Share your thoughts with me! And send me YOUR story (UnravelingStories@gmail.com)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reflection of Day 1 - Self-Love Challenge

Day 1 (March 1st)Acknowledging My Goods.  Today the participants wrote 20 things we were grateful for about ourselves on strips of colorful paper and we put it in our "I AM Love" jars.  We will draw from this jar every morning during the challenge and will choose to BE more of that person over the course of the day.  We will continue to add to this jar regularly, and draw from it when you are feeling like we aren't "enough of something".

It was fun doing this exercise! I realized that I have a lot to offer and I am in fact LOVE.

Join the Challenge. Choose YOU. 

30-Day Self-Love Challenge. Are you DOWN!??

I decided to create a 30-Day Self-Love Challenge during Women's History Month because I often found myself seeking refuge in someone else to fulfill me – to make me happy – to motivate me to do this, and to do that.  

I have complained about others not being committed (to their word, to their work, to me, to…you name it).  I have been frustrated with others not being committed to me, not doing what they said they would do, not being there for me the way they said they would be there for me. 

However I had no idea that the very thing we are most frustrated with can be, and often is, a direct result of what we ourselves are not doing – for ourselves.  We often look outside of ourselves to be fulfilled, and if we continue to do this, we will continue to fight a never-ending battle, and therefore we will never be satisfied, we will never be fulfilled because we expect someone else to be the source of our own happiness and well-being. 

This challenge is about choosing ourselves first. It is about loving ourselves so that we can generate our own sense of joy at any moment, regardless of our circumstance, and regardless if someone wants to join in with us.  This challenge is about standing inside of our commitment to ourselves.  This challenge is an opportunity for us to commit to ourselves so that we can stop complaining about why others aren’t committed to, or committing to us.  As soon as we are committed to ourselves, others will be committed to us. As soon as we love ourselves, we will only attract love. 

24 women have committed to participating in this challenge with me. We will support each other throughout the journey. If you are interested....email me! Akua@EmpowerMeGNEP.org.

Day 1 (March 1st)Acknowledging My Goods.  First thing this morning, write 20 things you are grateful for about your self on strips of colorful paper and put it in your "I AM Love" jar.  Draw from this jar every morning during this challenge and choose to BE more of that person during the day.  Moving forward, add to this jar regularly, and draw from it when you are feeling like you aren't ____(fill in the blank).

Join the Challenge. Choose YOU.