Monday, December 20, 2010

The Love Within

Sometimes we have so much love to give, we are afraid to let people know how much love we hold within us.  Instead, we choose to deny our love to everyone. Yet, whom is this helping?  Your choice to not step into your “love overalls” impacts the masses.  The people that need you the most are void of all that you have to offer to humanity.  You are absent – from the masses, and most importantly, from yourself.

Why have you chosen to be absent?

Can you choose differently today?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Face of Worried Souls

For those that are worry-warts, this is a powerful quote from Iyanla Vanzant.  Let go of your worry and live NOW.

“Worry is the vampire that drains life of its force. Worry stagnates the mind, creates an imbalance in the immune system; weakens the throat, your power, and authority center; impairs the ability to see beyond the thing being worried about. We worry about things we cannot control. We worry about the past and future. We worry about those things we cannot do or have not done and how they will affect what we are doing right now. We worry about what we do not have, cannot get and things we have lost. Worry creates confusion, disorder, and helplessness. Then we worry because we cannot figure things out. We must eliminate the tendency to worry without worrying if it will work out. Take the situation creating the worry, briefly and concisely write it down. Place the paper on which you have written in a window, facing the sun. Make a commitment to yourself to let it go and move on. Everyone knows that when sunlight hits a vampire, it shrivels up and then it is gone.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant ~

Shift Happens

I feel a shift occurring within me.  Not a symbolic shift, but an actual shift.  My joints feel different, my hands look different, my spirit feels different, my heart is different, my soul is different.  Yet I am NOT different.  I am shifting. I am evolving. I am stepping into the person I have always known myself to be.

This shift did not just happen over night. It has been a process. An exciting process, but a process none the less. Some things have turned out lovely, some things have been surprising and not what I expected.  Yet within it, I understand.  I understand the why. I understand that sometimes it just is what it is.  There is no need to try and figure things out all the time.  What should be considered, is how I respond to certain things and why I respond that way.  Growth has nothing to do with what others are doing or saying, and everything to do with me.  I  am responsible for my growth, for my shift. I have to take responsibility for what is going on around me and for how people are or are not responding to me.

Its time to WAKE UP people! Stop blaming others for your discomfort, your unhappiness, your miserableness, your discontent, your feelings of pain.  It is YOUR stuff! "Your" is the operative word! So why are you waiting for someone else to apologize, or to make you feel better?  Create your own happiness and stop waiting on others. Take responsibility.  Stop complaining and start your shifting process.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Music in the Souls of Children

I was visiting my niece the other day and she is so fascinating.  As soon as she pressed the button to one of her many musical toys, she was just a bopping and shaking and bobbing her little head.  She completely tuned out everyone else in the room and was focused on the music that moved from her ears, to her lips to her arms, to her hips to her little itty bitty feet.  She was focused.  She was “getting it”. I was so amazed by how something so simple could completely “take her there” at the push of a button.  It didn’t matter if she was crying the second before, once that music played, she was back.  It was as though she was able to re-create herself the moment she heard and felt the vibration of music. 

That made me wonder.

At what point do we stop allowing our children to dance  to their own rhythm – step to their own beat? Somewhere down the line we’ve allowed our personal fears, and the fears of others to stop us from allowing our seeds to dance and be fully self-expressed.  At some point we no longer allowed our children to be free to explore their creative side.  At some point we have stripped our children from the music that lives within them. At some point my music was stripped from within me, but I am finally conscious enough to put back the pieces. I am starting to hear music again – it is manifesting through my writing.

Do you hear it?

Thursday, December 16, 2010


No one ever told me that speaking up was the access to power. I was told that there is a time and a place for everything.  That there are certain places where I could say certain things, and certain people I could say certain things around.  This creates a sense of confusion for children who are seeking to find their own voice.  I challenge parents out there to speak ONE (1) truth.  To create a space where their child feels free to just BE.  Do not constrain them.  Let them learn. Let them live. Let them be.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Quick Lesson on Leadership

The most notable leaders are those that graciously give others the opportunity to lead.  They are not attached to the idea that they’ve come up with, but rather the possibilities that emerge under someone else’s leadership.  This is true leadership. 

Thank you Clay!!! I am CERTAIN that My Father’s Seed: A Date Night & Awards Gala, is going to be bigger than I could have possibly imagined!


Sometimes when you feel imbalanced, as though nothing seems to be going your way, that is a sign to pause. To pause and reflect on what is, and on what is not.  It is at that very moment that we have a choice.  A choice to continue on in our imbalanced state, or a choice to re-create ourselves, right there in that moment. 

Consider that all of the imbalance has NOTHING to do with other people asking you to do this, do that, or respond to this, respond to that.  We, at any moment, can choose to respond differently.  To tell them “no more”.  However, fear kicks in, and at that very moment we choose imbalance.  We choose comfort.  We choose what we already know and have already experienced.  But what if what we haven’t experienced is so much more fruitful? So much more divine?

I am no longer choosing comfort.  I am choosing to LIVE and EXPERIENCE what I have never lived or experienced before.

Today is a new day.  Are you walking with me?  


Sometimes we have to do things that we never imagined.  Sometimes we have to say yes to things we never said yes to before – and no to things we have always said yes to.  Sometimes we have to acknowledge others for their patience, and take responsibility for our actions.  Yet there is one thing you should ALWAYS do – be true to self.

Step into YOU today.   

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Access to Power - You can Have it Too

The access to the power that we think we have, but are reminded we don't have every time we consider the things that aren't the way we want it to be in our lives, IS accessible.  You can gain access to this power by having the conversations that frighten you the most.

I recognize that the conversations I have to have, have absolutely nothing to do with the people or the outcomes, but rather that I overcome the fear(s) I am working through.

I will engage in the "difficult" conversations.  I will share my feelings. I WILL gain access to the power within me.

I am FIRED UP for the new possibilities that will reveal itself through this new way of being. Who will YOU choose to be today?