Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breathing Life or Sucking It?

Everyday you run across someone that is either breathing life or sucking life.  And everyday, whether you know it or not, you either breathe life or suck life.

Are you a person that gets really excited when someone shares a great idea with you? Do you immediately jump on board and share in their excitement? Do you offer resources and suggestions to help them make their dream into a reality?  Do you offer love?

If this is you, you are breathing life into possibilities.

Or are you the person that sucks the excitement out of someone’s great idea by immediately pointing out the flaws and impossibilities in that idea? Are you the one that is quick to reject an idea, but slow to offer suggestions? Are you pessimistic – finding something wrong in everything?  

If this is you, you are sucking the life out of possibilities, thus you aren’t open to seeing possibilities, even when it is right in front of you.  You have made it extremely uncomfortable for others to be around you, and to share with you because they anticipate your lack of support and excitement. 

If this is you, why are you functioning this way? What are you NOT confronting head on? What are you fearful of? Why won’t you allow yourself (or others) to fully enjoy the splendors of the world? What is really bothering you?

What is your story?
Let me help you unravel it.
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