Saturday, October 23, 2010

When the Universe Aligns

As I embark on this journey of becoming a Master in unraveling people's stories and helping them create new possibilities, opportunities continue to unfold before my very eyes, every minute of the day. Yesterday was no different.

I finally connected with a friend that I haven't spoken to in ages and she informed me about a certification program that focuses essentially on this concept of unraveling stories.  More information to come but I just wanted to share that when you put something out there, be prepared for the world to align.

In love. 


  1. #100 the universal law. What we give is what we get. If you put in 100% of yourself, the universe gives 100% back. I am filled with happiness that the universe is blessings you with the gifts you give.

    Keep pushing, it is a lovely thing to witness!

    Raeven Western

  2. Thank you Raeven! You are truely appreciated! THANK YOU for giving yourself so freely. :)


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