Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Sometimes when you feel imbalanced, as though nothing seems to be going your way, that is a sign to pause. To pause and reflect on what is, and on what is not.  It is at that very moment that we have a choice.  A choice to continue on in our imbalanced state, or a choice to re-create ourselves, right there in that moment. 

Consider that all of the imbalance has NOTHING to do with other people asking you to do this, do that, or respond to this, respond to that.  We, at any moment, can choose to respond differently.  To tell them “no more”.  However, fear kicks in, and at that very moment we choose imbalance.  We choose comfort.  We choose what we already know and have already experienced.  But what if what we haven’t experienced is so much more fruitful? So much more divine?

I am no longer choosing comfort.  I am choosing to LIVE and EXPERIENCE what I have never lived or experienced before.

Today is a new day.  Are you walking with me?  

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