Monday, November 29, 2010

My Father's Seed: A Date Night

 unraveling stories, creating new possibilities

EVERYONE has a STORY about his or her Father, Dad, Daddy or Pops::
Supportive Unavailable Loving Absent Committed Unreliable Loyal Judgmental Misunderstood Concerned Unconcerned Present Unfaithful Hardworking Faithful…..
What’s YOUR Story?
What if you had an opportunity to create a NEW relationship with your father – or a new relationship with your child – would you be open to it?
If so, consider attending and supporting GNEP’s new Annual Fundraising initiative:
My Father’s Seed: A Date Night
An opportunity for us to un-write some of the negative stories we have written about our fathers and write new empowering ones, if only for one night!  It will be an amazing evening of music, food, dancing, appreciation and much more!
If this moves you, or even made you feel a little conflicted, please email or visit to be included in emails regarding the progress of this event and/or to express an interest in helping to plan the event.  I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! 

Coming February 2011…..

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