Sunday, December 5, 2010

Access to Power - You can Have it Too

The access to the power that we think we have, but are reminded we don't have every time we consider the things that aren't the way we want it to be in our lives, IS accessible.  You can gain access to this power by having the conversations that frighten you the most.

I recognize that the conversations I have to have, have absolutely nothing to do with the people or the outcomes, but rather that I overcome the fear(s) I am working through.

I will engage in the "difficult" conversations.  I will share my feelings. I WILL gain access to the power within me.

I am FIRED UP for the new possibilities that will reveal itself through this new way of being. Who will YOU choose to be today?

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  1. One of those men in the pic is my uncle's best friend - Tommie Smith. He builds track programs across the nation. I should connect you.

    Oh... and the difficult conversations are access to power. Agreed.


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