Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Self-Love Challenge: Day 2

Happy Self-Love Day #2!

This morning I reached into my jar and pulled out "I love my ability to show people/let ppl know that they matter".   So, this is who I am going to be more of today.....this woman.

Did you pull something out of your jar? Who are you going to be today?

The other thing we are charged with doing is looking at ourselves in the mirror and stating the 5 things we love about ourselves.  I did this and it was soooo empowering! I actually felt how powerful I was by simply stating the things that I love about myself. I was also able to see how those very things I love about myself, are beyond me because they allow me to inspire other people. 

I am in Love with me for the first time!


  1. SO first off, I would like to say that I am really happy to be a part of this amazing challenge. I didn't even realize how challenging Day 1 would be. I found myself being grateful for things outside of MYSELF...(my apartment, family, job,etc.) So I had to dig a little deeper to see what were some of the things that I was truly grateful for in me and came up with stuff that I completely overlooked! Moving forward to Day 2, of the 5 things that I love about myself, I am choosing to celebrate being a beautiful black woman today. I will do this in all facets whether it is in the form of a mantra, adorning myself in beautiful clothing, makeup, or accessories, and respecting other black women.
    Have a wonderful second day of Self-Love!


  2. Thank you KB! That was a beautiful share! You raise a great point - it is so simple to think about the material things we are thankful for, rarely do we look within so intensely! Thank you for CHOOSING you today! You are a beautiful black woman and I am so excited to hear how the day turned out being in that space. Thanks for participating! You ROCK!

  3. It has been a minute since I hit up my girl and I am proud to say that I have been doing this challenge with my Heart in it. The heart being in it is very important I have learned. (Thanks to Kwee) There are two days that I plan on doing Very soon! (The dinner to myself and the big breakfast before work). Surprisingly, the 2 that I have not done are the ones that I guess you would say I am normally very passionate about...EATING! That is interesting LOL Although this challenge is coming to an end rapidly...Tear, I am looking forward to creating this challenge again for the month of April.



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