Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Self-Love Day #8: Honoring the Music Within & Reflecting on Day #6 which was done on Day #7 (lol)

Happy Self-Love Day #8!

Wowwww what a night – so I took myself out to dinner yesterday because I didn’t on Sunday….and I had to do a wholeeeee lot of self-talk as to why it was OK for me to take myself out to dinner at 10pm at night when I had madddd things to do for the Sista-2-Sista Youth Summit we are putting on – on Saturday. A whole lot of talking. The meal was aaaaamazing (orange dusted shrimp, sweet mashed plantains, and a fresh salsa salad with avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, oranges and more)!  It was heaven!  It ended up being really beautiful, and it also became very clear to me when I tend to NOT choose myself.  

I don’t choose myself when I feel like so many others are depending on me. 

So today, I will take time to reflect on this because I know this is just a story I am making up.  People are not necessarily depending on me at 10pm at night to do something for them, they are simply counting on me to keep my word. So, I just need to commit to things that are realistic. If I scheduled to take myself out to dinner, regardless of the circumstances that may occur, I must remain committed to my original intent - at all times - always.  We are not committed to ourselves if we are only committed some of the time.  Its all or nothing. There is no grey.

Thank you all for being in this challenge with me - it makes it that much easier for me to commit to myself!

Today I pulled out of my jar: "I am pleasant to be around"......okkkk let's take on the world today! 

Move powerfully today and get your dance ONNNNNNNNNN!!!! I am going to rock out on my train ride to work…I am thinking PINK will be the album of choice – powerful woman and she gets me hyped! And of course...gotta put on India Arie....

How are YOU going to honor the music within?

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