Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today's Daily Lesson: the should'ves and could'ves don't matter because they didn't happen. What matters is your reality - the experiences you actually did have today. Give thanks to that.

I find that when you actually focus on the things that did happen today, it doesn't allow you to have any time to focus and dwell on the things that should've happened today, or could've happened today. Why does it matter any way? I mean really, if "family member X" was supposed to do something for you today, and didn't, yet "friend Y" wanted to hang out and do something for you today, why would you focus on family member X and exert negative energy onto someone who actually "is here"..."right now"? 

It is important to check ourselves when we interact with people because our relationships are our core fabric, our mere existence. They give us an opportunity to express who we truly are or who we see ourselves to be.

Give Thanks!

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